The Things That Come Out Of These Giant Casters


Another name used for a caster is that of a mold. To think of its everyday industrial use today and better appreciate what comes out of it, think of the mold that encases the human limb, usually a broken arm or leg, to help it with its healing purposes. Think also how molds or casters are used in the creative arts where molds are made of human forms and then transferred to solid structures made from all forms of materials, anything from stone to bronze.

And then transfer your thoughts to any form of heavy industry you can think of. Go on, this exercise is ideal. Think imaginatively and really let your imagination run wild. Let it be transferred to outer space too if you like. Because that is the scale and depth of these giant casters. Heavy Duty Casters continue to be applied to the manufacture of autonomous use and man piloted space craft. While the event is rare for the time being, the day will soon come when space stations on uninhabitable planets will be built on a much grander and more forceful scale.

Think of today’s magnanimous entrepreneurs, never afraid to use their own ‘wild’ imaginations and make their dreams a reality. Much larger space crafts will be required to transfer materials to the previously forbidden planets. Heavy duty casters will in all likelihood be transported there too. It may be a long time off yet, but that day will come too. Colonies will be built to make life habitable on these barren planets.

Heavy Duty Casters

Back to earth and in the present clear skies, just look up and see on any day of the week the number of large airplanes crossing your skylines. Heavy duty casters were used to build those planes too.