Choosing Between Gas And Electricity When Splitting Wood

It can be a tough call to make when you are used to convenience. It will be an easy choice to make if you decide to go along with a gas wood splitter instead of using electricity. Those of you who are quite accustomed to and dependent on the use of electricity are drawn to it still because you are enjoying its convenience. All you need to do is plug in your portable and lightweight and easy to use device, switch on the power and off to work you go.

So far, so good, you might be thinking. All very convenient and all is well. But is it really. Look at it this way; it depends on what the portable electric device is being used for and where. And for goodness’s sake, you won’t be splitting wood with an electric splitter in the middle of your living room just there near the fireplace. What a lot of mess that would make. So, of course, you need to split your wood out in the yard.

But how inconvenient. No, really, guys, look at it this way. Just how far can you stretch your electric cord? And even if it was long enough to cover the perimeters of your property (that would be rare, but anyhow), just how safe is this. How are you going to manage to keep the electric cord dry from the snow? Because many of you are chopping your wood in the dead of winter at its coldest. And usually it is snowing out your way.

gas wood splitter

A gas wood splitter is far more convenient and safer to use. It is cordless, portable, lightweight and easy to use. If you’re chopping wood professionally, you can take your gas splitter deep into the forest where there’s no electricity to speak of.