Industrial Use Balls That Help Miners Get To Hard To Reach Places

frac balls

A versatile selection of degradable products is available to all industrialists, particularly those directly involved in the mining industries, to reach hard to reach places. Below the ground searches for minerals and fuels are not feasible any more through the use of previously conventional and soon to be obsolete tools. In its place, frac balls, coated balls, billets and tubulars are being used. Other than mining services companies, agri-processing and energy companies, as well as the military, are using these advanced technologies.

These products mentioned above are utilizing processes of ATP powder manufacturing. The manufacturers of these products are in a strong position to design what they call degrading layered metals. These metals are able to withstand pressures of up to and beyond 60,000 PSI. The above-mentioned frac balls are patented products now. It is billed as the original dissolving ball used specifically for ‘down the hole’ mining processes.

Its use has been particularly successful in shale gas mining where low fracturing pressures presented challenges previously. The same manufacturers and designers can provide their clients with a multitude of chemical applications equipped for various burrowing conditions. The object of the exercise is to find the right balance against specific but high temperatures. Atomized powders are being used to alleviate the challenges associated with the wear of mining tools. 

Burrow a little further with the above information and you will soon discover that costly and dangerous manned expeditions for deep mining are no longer necessary. The above mentioned products are all powered through the use of autonomous solutions. More and more companies that are investing in new mining missions, such as for shale gas and alternative energy sources, are investing in these cost effective technologies and in the process minimizing the risk to their return on investment.